Read messages on Facebook without being “Seen”

How many of you are annoyed with the relatively new facebook chat feature that allows your friends on facebook whether you have “Seen” their message or not? I guess, all of you! :P. If that is not all, it also publishes the time when you read the message!

The feature was alright with me at the first. But recently it started bugging me. I was busy with some stuff when my friend wanted to chat with me. I couldn’t reply to her messages because of the work which led her to think that I was ignoring her(which was not the case)! (She could see the “Seen” written on the bottom of the text box).

It also gets awkward when someone you’re ignoring in person can see the “Seen” written below the messages that they sent to you.

Chat Undetected is a chrome extension* which helps you to deal with the above two situations by disabling the “Seen” feature. It is developed by Crossrider and is compatible with chrome, firefox and IE. To install Chat Undetected, go to this web page from a compatible browser and follow the instructions. It’s a small extension and should install in seconds!

*Chrome extensions are small programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the chrome browser. You write them using technologies like HTML, Javascript and CSS.

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