How To make YouTube videos load faster

I already told you a method to increase your buffering speed here but that was a modification in the Adobe flash settings and gone are the days of Flash! The world has moved on and HTML5 is the word on every mouth these days.

Every company is slowly switching to HTML5 and why should YouTube be an exception? Its switching as well and people can now access videos in HTML5 which are embedded using the <video> tag in html and not as a flash file.

Now for those of you who might be wondering how can HTML5 increase your buffering speed, here’s a brief description:

YouTube videos are streamed and not presented as complete chunks at one time, that is streaming makes it possible for you to watch a video before it is downloaded completely. Now flash is a plugin that is explicitly installed on to your browser which makes it slower as compared to native HTML5 video tag which makes use of WebM format videos.

So you can sign up for the beta for YouTube by clicking here and enjoy!

Here’s what a HTML5 video looks like:

And that is not it!

When you find a video that does support WebM. You can also control the speed of playing and double it as well! All thanks to HTML5!

Just click the gears button and manage the speed of play of the video.

And if you wish to, you can leave the trial by clicking the same link.

So Enjoy ;)


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